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2022 Bariatric masterclass in Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Through our partners SANGÜESA,S.A. and Dextromedica, S.L., we are delighted to organize a bariatric masterclass at Hospital de Sant Joan Despi Moises Broggi from the 17th to the 18th of October 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. It's our great honor to have Dr. Almino Ramos, Dr. Jordi Pujol Gebelli, Dr. Jordi Castellvi, and Dr. Manuel Alvarez del Castillo as our mentors. We have conducted 5 live surgeries and the Lunar U powered staplers performed very well in different cases. Mentors and participants were impressed with Lunar U.  Professor Caballero ADELARDO also conducted an interview to support Fulbright!

We look forward to meeting you in the next masterclass.

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