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IFSO World Congress 2022
Miami, USA


Fulbright is very pleased to join the IFSO 2022 25th World Congress in Miami, Florida, August 23-27, 2022.

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) is a Federation composed of national associations of bariatric surgeons and Integrated Health professionals.

The yearly IFSO World Congress is the greatest worldwide bariatric meeting, usually attended by surgeons, multidisciplinary support staff, researchers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals involved with the main mission of IFSO: to unite and educate against adiposity and metabolic disorders. It also provides a forum to exchange knowledge on surgical treatment of severely obese patients, present new techniques, research, and concepts, and meet the experts in the field.

This year, there are more than 6200 attendees from 56 countries join the Congress. Fulbright participates the Congress as a sponsor to introduce intelligent Lunar U staplers and advanced multi-firing QuanClip to bariatric surgeons. Lunar U is a powered articulating endoscopic linear cutter stapler, which has a smart OLED Screen to give real-time feedback to surgeons and provide a stronger cutting force during the procedures. In December 2022, Fulbright will release a new Lunar U pro with stepwise staples and built-in blade reloads. Visit our product page to know more about surgical-powered staplers.

Intelligent powered Lunar U staplers offer an ergonomic and uniformed stapling system resulting in a reduced learning curve for surgeons and simplified ease of use. With our endoscopic linear cutter stapler, we are aimed to help bariatric surgeons in the fight against adiposity and metabolic disorders. 

We appreciate everyone who came and visited Fulbright's booth. Special thanks to Dr. Nilton Kawahara Dr. Manuel Aceves Avalos, and Dr. Almino Ramos, Dra. Manoela Galvão Ramos for the support! We look forward to meeting you soon at the next Congress.

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