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The 3rd IBC Oxford World Congress 2022
University of Oxford, The UK

The 3rd IBC Oxford World Congress 2022, September 19-21.

Fulbright was the platinum sponsor of the 3rd IBC Oxford World Congress 2022, a great success. Our IBC video was uploaded to our Youtube: Fulbright Medical.

The International Bariatric Club (IBC): Born in the Cleveland Clinic, grown by the world, and matured at the University of Oxford. IBC is dedicated to experts in bariatric and metabolic medicine and surgery. The world congress at the University of Oxford is a high-quality and international bariatric meeting with top surgeons from more than 50 countries and areas. IBC also hosts live video-streaming Webinars and serves as a forum for member discussions on clinical questions and problems.

This year, IBC TV and professor Ariel Ortiz conducted an interview with professor Almino Ramos at our booth about our new Lunar U powered stapler. Professor Ramos demonstrated the strong compression of Lunar U and the real-time feedback of the smart OLED Screen to the visitors in the congress and audience online. The interview was in both English and Spanish, and both videos were uploaded to our youtube channel.

Our colleague, Kylie Lam was also interviewed by professor Ariel Ortiz. She shared her views on the educational programs and emphasized that Fulbright aims collaborate with different educational organizations, e.g.: IBC, IFSO, etc., and our partners, and distributors for a long-term partnership. Fulbright believes that together, we can help more patients and contribute to the MIS community. Kylie's interview was uploaded to youtube IBC TV.

A big thank you to professor Almino Ramos for supporting Fulbright. Thanks to IBC, professor Haris Khwaja, professor Tom Rogula, and professor Ariel Ortiz for organizing this amazing congress! 

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