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Medica 2022
Düsseldorf Germany

Medica 2022 was successfully held from 14-18 Nov. It is the largest international event for the medical industry: 3,523 exhibitors, and 46,000 visitors from 150 countries.

This has been an excellent opportunity to meet our foreign business partners, establish new relationships and stay up-to-date with the industry.

During the exhibition, Fulbright Medical's innovative laparoscopic solutions attracted many MIS experts and scholars from all over the world to share their surgical development, clinical experience, and product innovation. 

We gained a great experience from Medica. It is a good event to gather colleagues from France, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and China together. Our international team members speak more than 10 different languages and dedicated their knowledge and energy to demonstrate many professional representations. We appreciate our team for their effort.

Thank you to all the visitors who came to the Fulbright Medical booth! The Fulbright Medical team is looking toward another year of improving patient outcomes!

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